Election Advertising

The election has been decided and Obama came out the clear winner. As political analysts and pundits everywhere are sure to talk about Obama’s next steps, they are also likely to talk about why McCain’s campaign failed. There are and will be many reasons discussed, but one prime reason was the difference in advertising between Obama and McCain. Since day one, Obama came out with a clear direction of change, which American’s obviously responded well to. McCain, on the other hand, suffered with an unclear advertising campaign that had no singular direction. From mimicking Obama’s campaign of change, to Country First, to slandering the opponent with ties to terrorists or socialism, it seemed McCain was willing to try anything to boost numbers. His advertising campaign was all over the place, and it seems the American people simply didn’t respond well to it.

Here at DDA, we understand the need to provide clear-cut, strong marketing messages to promote your business. A corporate identity is essential for any business to grow and build recognition among the public. Nike has the recognizable swoosh logo and the term “Just do it,” McDonald’s has the golden arches and “I’m loving it,” Obama used the circle flag-like logo and the term “change.” These are exactly the types of things your business needs – logo, slogans, and messages that people easily distinguish with your company – and these are exactly the types of things DDA has been providing for over 14 years. Advertising is more than just getting word out about your company, it’s also about how you differentiate yourself from the pack. There may be dozens or even hundreds of direct competitors, so you need a way to make sure the public knows who you are, what your company can provide them, and why they should choose you instead of the others.