Film Today

After seeing The Dark Knight this weekend – and how it exceeded the expectations I had for it – there is one thing that I love even more about the movie. Director Christopher Nolan has made various claims to how he does not like CGI, and for most purposes, I whole heartedly agree with him. So throughout the entire film incredible stunts were performed, real buildings were blown up, and real cars were in accidents. While CGI is certainly the cheaper route for those who are not blessed with multi-million dollar funds, it has yet to match the level of realism that can be seen from real events when you’re creating such an extravagant film.

Here at DDA, we realize companies aren’t out to make Hollywood-films, and certainly don’t have the same budgets.  However, we offer every video service from on-location shooting to filming in our studio in front of a green screen and creating special effects during post-production. And since our clients usually aren’t leaping from skyscrapers or blowing up buildings, we can successfully create life-like scenes and mixtures of live actors with animated environments – and we even have much of the equipment that those big shots in Hollywood use. So whatever your video needs are, you can be certain that DDA can produce the highest quality videos for your business.