Finding Yourself in Keywords

Keywords need to be focused and relate to the products or services your company offers and also need to be heavily searched by users. Say, for instance, you own a real estate company and are trying to find keywords that relate to your company. The term “real estate” is definitely one keyword to use, but Google shows more than 538 million results for that term. The internet is over-saturated with “real estate” related websites, so you need to focus the keywords for better search engine optimization results. If your real estate company primarily targets luxury homes, then consider using the term luxury real estate or boutique real estate. A quick search in Google finds that “luxury real estate” has over 1 million results and “boutique real estate” has over 1/2 million results. This is much more manageable since the search engine is not flooded with results for those two search terms.

Not only that, but when a user is presented with 538 million search results, it is likely they will not find what they need and will hone their search to something more specific, like luxury real estate. Because you’ve made the smart move to focus on that keyword phrase, chances are you will be found with proper search engine optimization.