Google > Yahoo

One thing I have begun to wonder lately, is how did Google become so successful? I was reminded of the various Yahoo! advertisements on TV (you know, “Yahoooooo-ooooo!”) and it dawned on me that Google never did that. It’s almost as if they appeared out of no where, and now it’s common to hear people use the word “google” as a verb. In Yahoo’s day of popularity, no one ever said “I yahoo’d this to do some research.” I suppose the difference was that with Yahoo you search, and with Google you google – and people like googling more than searching.

At DDA, we’ve long been studying the trends of these search engines. Before Google became the giant it is today, our search engine optimization efforts catered to the different specifications of all the major search engines, including Yahoo and MSN. As Google began to grow tremendously and significantly started to dominate the market, we took into account the consideration that SEO websites need to be optimized for Google. That’s not to say Yahoo and MSN are not important and that we don’t optimize for those search engines, because we certainly do. But when Google becomes the leading search engine (by a sizable margin) we need to work quickly to mold our optimization program to fit with what Google wants. As a result of our trend studies and understanding of the various algorithms Google and other search engines us, we are able to tweak our program to provide you with the most up-to-date and valuable search engine marketing information to get your website to the top of Google and other search engines.