Happy Holidays from Verizon Fios!

I’ve been told that our new building is finally getting Verizion Fios internet connection. Since we moved into this new building, we have been using multiple DSL lines because Fios and Comcast were not available in this area. We have managed successfully with a slower connection all this time, but now with Fios, we’ll be using a blazing fast internet to help us work even faster.

As a digital advertising agency, we use the Internet for pretty much everything and have to upload and download materials all day – including videos, high resolution digital photographs, new website designs, print advertising designs, and more. Some of these files can be large in size even after formatted for the web, so it’s good to know we’ll be getting a much faster connection to make uploading those materials go quicker. While it may only be a difference between 1 minute or 5 minutes, that time really begins to add up over a 10 hour day, and can be a difference between 10 minutes and close to an hour.

This is also our last day in office for the week as we are closed in celebration of Christmas tomorrow and Thursday. I know that at the office we are all anxious for the holiday – so everyone have a great one and enjoy the rest of your week!