Hump Day Becomes Another Day

In the typical work week, Wednesday is known as hump day. While our 4-day work week means we don’t really have a hump day, Wednesday is really just another day. But today, it’s very special. Today is our last work day as we’ll be off tomorrow for observation of Independence Day – the day we defeated the aliens. At least, that’s what the movie taught me. Anyway, we’ll be off after today until the beginning of next week and so many of us are rushing to finish up anything we can before the weekend begins. With the latest wave of website design and development work, we have a lot of menu structures to work on – and Mick and myself have already been back and forth multiple times with some information to build those menus. Upon approval of these menu structures, the writers will begin the task of writing content to fill each website. In one case, the content will be optimized for search engines, and for the remaining we will be writing and creating a platform that will be easy to optimize in the future. It will certainly be a challenge having so many sites to work on at once, but I’m certain our team is up for it and will complete it with no problems.

Everyone enjoy the long weekend. And if aliens do attack us, make sure that when you fight back you say catchy lines like “Welcome to Earth!” after you beat them up.