In-Studio Photography

Yesterday I was involved with a photo shoot that nearly took the entire day. The client produces surgical instruments for every kind of surgery from head to toe, and it gave me a chance to see some instruments that I hope never have to be used on me. Needless to say, as they manufacture so many different surgical instruments, their product line is quite extensive, and out of all the photos I took, I think I still only saw a small percentage of everything they have to offer. The photo shoot went very well and the client seemed happy with the preview images that I was showing him throughout the day. Today, or early next week, one of our designers will be spending some time manipulating one of the photos and we’ll be making some minor corrects to the levels and contrast of each image.

The image that requires manipulation involved a very large instrument that is required to be very smooth, and a result, it’s very shiny. Unfortunately with highly reflective materials, there is not much the camera can do to eliminate all the reflections – it’s like trying to take a straight photograph of a mirror and figuring out how to do it so that you don’t see yourself in the mirror.  However, we have a very talented group of designers who will spend some time retouching the image to try and eliminate the reflections.

At DDA, one thing you can always count on is that there is no limit to what we can do. Our digital photography services don’t just stop with the photography – we can manipulate the images, format the images for web, use the high-res image for print work, slice and paste images together to create panoramic scenes if the lens can’t capture everything, and so much more.