Integrated Digital Advertising

DDA provides the complete gamut of digital advertising services, from website design and development to video production to programming to copywriting to custom programming – all in-house. The major advantage to having complete integrated solutions is that nothing becomes an add-on. The problem with many websites today is that one company builds a website, another creates a video and simply posts in on the website, another provides a shopping cart or database, and your entire website needs to go through three or more companies to make simple changes. With DDA, you get the all-in-one package. Video is not just added to the website, it’s part of the design process. Our programmers custom build forms, shopping carts, or any other backend support to the website. The end result is a completely fluid website that provides superior navigation and a natural user interface. And to take that one step further, you only need to contact one company or one project coordinator assigned to your project to get whatever work you need done. Whether it’s altercations to a design, edits to a video, or new content on a website, DDA handles it all and leaves you in complete control.