Interactive eLearning

Today we had another meeting with a new client who came to us to develop a video about immunizations for toddlers and infants. The initial goal of this video was to debunk the myths and present real, factual information in the form of an archived video presentation. Upon initial talks about the video project, we decided that creating a series of vignettes that utilize parent and physician interactions in a Q&A type format would be best. After this latest meeting, the project is growing into something close to a complete eLearning tool for parents to learn and educate themselves on immunizations for their children. It appears this video will be fully interactive, with a search function that will let parents find specific videos and information they want to view, or they can simply watch from start to finish. Also included will be the recommended immunization schedules and a glossary that will help define various immunizations and their purpose. Needless to say, this is becoming quite the amazing tool for parents with any anxiety or questions regarding immunizations, and is a project that everyone is quite excited about.

DDA is very accustomed to these types of programs. Making interactive videos and web presentations is a day-to-day activity here at DDA. From interactive medical simulations to live webcasts and product showcase videos to complete eLearning tools, DDA does it all, and completely in-house too.There is nothing we enjoy more than taking a project, adding a few new elements, and creating a better, more efficient platform than anyone could have initially imagined. This latest project is just another fine example of DDA pushing technology and taking advantage of our capabilities.