It Takes Some Time

In most industries, we need a giant sign that tells everyone “this project may take more time than you’d expect.” In the digital era, people have become engrossed with the idea of instant gratification – the typical “I need this, and I need it immediately.” But unfortunately, at a lot of places, that’s just not realistic. For the longest time, digital advertising has gone through a trend of template websites for $99, cookie cutter design, and one-size-fits-all applications. Here at DDA, we simply don’t believe in that. Everything we do is custom, from website design and development to advanced programming and video and animation. And I truly believe that this is the new trend. With millions of websites out there, people are realizing they need custom designs, custom content, integrated videos, and more. But because the industry as a whole has become used to the idea of needing something today and getting it today, I’m not sure how many people realize the work involved behind the scenes and how much time it takes. While we certainly work quickly and efficiently to get all projects done on deadline, it does take some time. Animations do not happen overnight. Websites are not as simple as posting some text. There is no application generator to program advanced capabilities in an hour. It takes time and patience, but it does payoff in the end when you’ve pushed the limits of interactive programs or web development. Just think of it this way, a few years ago, few people heard of Google. But after years of continuing development they have grown to be the number 1 search engine, a prime source for advertisers, are now developing mobile operating systems, are soon releasing a computer operating system, and so much more. While we are not setting out to build the next Google, our complete list of in-house marketing services can, over time, help push your company above and beyond.