Keyword Mastery

Inserting keywords for search engine optimized content can be tricky. For seo copywriting, the content needs to use the specific keywords related to your website and secondary keywords related to that specific page of content. Placing prominent keywords near the top of the page is always best, as search engines place prominence on the first paragraphs of text and the least amount of prominence on the last paragraphs. Depending on the amount of keywords you have per page, each keyword should be used approximately 2 to 5 times per page, with the majority being used near the top of the content. With the right amount of keywords and the right amount of prominence, you will have more success in search engines giving your website prominence in the results for the keywords you are using.

Each page needs to have sufficient content, usually 300-500 words, that is not only optimized but also provides real and unique content. The entire website needs to follow these rules, as the more relevant and optimized content you have, the higher you will see your website in the major search engines. Also, the more quality content in the website, the better off you’ll be. For example, a properly optimized website with 100 pages about “cell phones” will not compare to an optimized website with 250 pages about “cell phones.” There are other optimization methods, but generally, the more quality content will win.