Keywords to Search By

Keywords for websites are extremely important. Even more important is the precise repetition of keywords throughout the website to ensure proper search engine optimization. For instance, a website about website design should mention website design at least 2-4 times on every single page. This would be what is known as a Primary (Universal) Keyword. These primary keywords must appear on every page of the website as they are the most important keyterms for proper SEO copywriting. Then within website design there are additional subcategories of keywords, often called secondary keywords. For example, one piece of the website may be a new logo design. Because this is only one aspect of website design, this keyword should only appear on the pages where it is appropriate to mention or discuss logo design, not on every page.

Much of search engine optimization and the proper use of keywords comes down to the right organization. First, we establish what is the most important aspect(s) of any company to create the primary keywords. Then we establish the other important aspects, or subcategories, of the company to generate a list of secondary keywords.