Lack of Power

This weekend, the sudden realization of how much we rely on electricity came crashing down. Saturday morning I was playing games when I heard a loud explosion and the power instantly went out. It turns out a tree fell in front of my apartment complex and knocked down the power lines – the worst part, most of our cars were blocked in by hanging wires, so we were pretty much trapped until late Sunday when PECO finally came by to move them. It is likely power is still out and will be out for some time due to the large amount of damage the tree caused to not only the power lines but also the wooden poles. But it is what it is.

Here at DDA, it is possible that the power at our office can go out – but that won’t take down client websites, CMEs, patient portals, or anything else like it would take out my computer. DDA has dedicated hosting servers in an off location area, complete with continual backups to mirrored servers and more to ensure that just because we can’t go online, it doesn’t mean your customers or patients can’t. In fact, we offer 99.9% uptime. So when you come to DDA to build any online based application, the last thing you will need to worry about it is making sure it stays online.