Learning from the Experts

There are many instances at DDA where we are writing about unfamiliar topics. While our staff of writers have a background in research writing, journalism, or some other form of writing, we will often have to rely on the experts (our clients) to provide the proper information or ensure that the information we give is correct. For instance, construction companies may seem to have a fairly simple subject to write about, but the specifics can certainly be different. Different construction companies may have different practices or use different materials or tools. So while our writers can spend some time researching construction to effectively write copy, we still need the experts in the field to provide us with the right information, or at least, point us in the right direction to find that information.

Think of it this way. If you go to a doctor and are diagnosed with something, you’ll want to know all the treatment options available to you. You’ll likely also want to opinions of your doctor, and possibly second opinions, to determine which treatment option will work best for your particular case. It is unlikely that you will independently do some research and come to a final conclusion based on general reports or findings. It will certainly provide you with a starting point, but you will still want the opinions of the experts in the field. Well, copywriting is no different. After diagnosing your needs, we will start by researching the subject to educate ourselves more on the topic. This may give us the ability to begin writing content, but will very likely lead to more questions to make sure we have the right information and that we present it in a way that reflects well on your company. After all, we want you to look good.