Live Medical Webcasting

My somewhat late blog is actually a benefit, giving me an opportunity to discuss the live webcast event happening today and tomorrow in St. Louis. Two of our video technicians went on-location for the live webcast, and we just got through a very successful test. The video came through very clear, with very few minor bugs, and the audio was just as clear.  The benefit of our test is that we’ll be able to run through it once or twice more to make sure everything goes without a hitch, and any of those minor things we experienced will be taken care of for the live event.

For this live webcast, presenters will be introducing a treatment for patients with heart failure and other complications. The presenter will provide the facts and info about the treatment with PowerPoint slides that are controlled by the presenter/moderator to supplement the video presentation. Users will also have an opportunity to send questions to the presenter, many of which will be selected to be answered during the live webcast.

Live webcasting is an amazing technology for any corporate or medical company. It allows customers, consumers, patients, physicians, investors, and anyone else around the world to obtain information direct from your company, or allow people who are unable to attend the event in person to log into their Internet browser and attend in the virtual world.