Live Medical Webcasts

For some time we have been diligently planning and testing for a live webcast at a spine institute in Florida. The client opened their site to allow people to register for the webcast and the results so far have exceeded our expectations. We realized this increase number of viewers would require an increase in bandwidth capabilities and some revamping of our servers so that we could host a large number of viewers with ease. So far, every test has proven extremely positive and we are very confident for the live webcast happening tomorrow. In addition to the video streaming, DDA Medical built custom designs for three different interfaces – one for the viewer, one for the moderator, and one for the presenter. The viewer will basically see the video stream, a first generation PowerPoint slide, and an area to ask questions. The moderator will have a similar view, but instead of asking questions they will filter through the questions that were submitted. They can then push the question to the presenter and he will answer on-screen for everyone viewing. The project is obviously much more than just a simple video streaming.

Once the event is completed, our crew will bring the footage back to DDA and provide it in an on-demand setting for users who could not attend the live presentation. With the archived copy of the webcast, users will not be able to ask questions of the presenter, but they will still see the PowerPoint slides and video presentation. A lot of great work has gone into making this medical webcast a possibility, and we’re all excited to see how it pays off.