Live Webcast…and action!

Today is the big live medical webcast for a spine institute in Tampa, FL. But for some reason, the first thing I had to do today was check the weather. As of 8 am, Philadelphia: 53 degrees. Tampa: 75 degrees.

Now that we have that out of the way and my jealousy for the nice weather is over, it’s really a big day for us. Our video crew flew in to Tampa last night and will be setting up first thing this morning for the webcast scheduled at 1 pm. Hopefully this gives the crew some time to enjoy the weather. After seeing some test runs of the webcast interface yesterday, I’m extremely excited for the live presentation. The viewer is able to see live streaming video of the Doctor who will be presenting information as well as a first-generation slide of his PowerPoint presentation. When the brief introduction is completed, the remaining webcast will be more of a question and answer platform. Throughout the broadcast users can submit questions. A moderator behind the scenes will then decide which questions they want the Doctor to address, and each questions will be posted on screen for the viewers.

As someone who has been involved with the planning and coordination of this project, I knew a lot of work has gone into this – much like with all the other projects we work on. But to see everything come together and see all that work paying off still amazes me. And from now until 1 pm when the webcast starts, and then until it finishes an hour or so later, we are all thinking positive thoughts. I imagine this is much like the feeling actors have before going on a live stage. The test runs are completed, we are well prepared, the team is confident, and now it’s time to put on the live event.