Long Weekends

Long weekends are typically the source of joy for anyone. It’s time to just relax and spend some downtime, or have extra time to work on those home projects that you’ve been avoiding for so long. Either way, it’s a good thing. Except, of course, when the end of that time hits. It’s always a struggle to go from long-weekend mode to back to business mode — much like the end of summer and back to school for millions of kids. It’s hard to come back and get right into that groove.

But here we all are, back in business and ready to go. While my sleep schedule changed a little with staying up later and waking up even later, it doesn’t seem to have affected my time today. I’m right back to solving any problems, discussing projects with clients, sending updates to the team, or whatever else needs to get done. I’ve tried to make the transition from long weekend mode to work mode as seamless and easy as possible. So far, I think it’s worked.