Medical Videos

This morning we’ll be returning to work on an old video project regarding dental implants. About 2 years ago, DDA Video went on-location to film the complete extraction of a patient’s teeth, get fitted for implants, and eventually receive the final implants. The video will be used, in part, to help present the implants that were used for this patient and show the dramatic change that occurred. Ultimately, this video is part documentary, part instructional, and part product demonstration – all of which DDA Video happens to do all the time for various clients. It’s pretty exciting for us to be able to complete this project. While we have a large medical video portfolio, it’s rare that you have the chance to work with real-life patients and surgery due to concerns for patient privacy or patients simply not willing to be on video, which you can’t really blame them for. So this video should make a very fine addition to our ever-growing video and medical portfolios. It may not be the prettiest looking video for us to showcase due to the nature of what it shows, but it’s certainly going to be a valuable education and promotion tool for our client – which is what really matters.

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