My View of Media in the Future

With so much talk about HD DVD and Blu Ray (which Blu Ray ended up winning) I have always thought to myself, “what’s the point?” As technology advances and things progress, I have always noticed a trend in media – it’s becoming obsolete. Popular services like Netflix and other video outlets are streaming high definition video to computer users with fast internet connections everywhere. Not only is it cheaper than creating expensive and complicated media, but there are also less upgrades. And now with rumors circulating about Blu Ray 2.0, consumers are growing weary that their players will not be upgradeable and they will be stuck with an obsolete system.

Not too long ago I read a news article that Sony is beginning to push streaming content – starting with the PlayStation 3 gaming system (which made Blu Ray so popular). They too have realized that streaming content is cheaper and easier to work with and cuts their costs by not having to produce millions of DVDs. Most HDTVs are now equipped with VGA or DVI inputs so that you can connect your computer to the TV and use it as a giant computer monitor and play content not only from the Internet, but also straight from your computer hard drive.

I will venture a guess and say that someday soon, likely with the next 5-10 years – computers and TVs will blur into one singular system. DVDs and other media will be replaced with streaming content or downloadable content that you can store and play on your computer’s hard drive. In fact, we’re already seeing this trend with gaming systems like Xbox 360 and the PS3. With these systems you can go online, play music, watch downloaded movies, play downloaded games, play high def DVDs, and more. While they still function primarily as gaming systems, they have become multimedia systems that serve a variety of purposes.