Narration for Video

Yesterday we completed more voiceover work for the latest window and door installation videos we filmed on-location a few weeks back. We used the same actor who did the first few videos, so things went smoothly as everyone knew exactly what to expect. Because these installation videos are meant to educate potential customers about the installation process, the narration helps describe all the actions that are taking place on screen. Additionally, the narration provides insight into what makes this particular installation different from one offered by other companies. In the end, our client has a few great videos showing the complete installation process, in 3 to 5 minutes, allowing the customer to see everything that will happen and take place. The client has previously expressed how the videos have provided a nice sales tool, and we’re excited to add more videos to their collection.

The voiceover actor was selected from DDA’s Actors’ Network, featured on our DDA Video site. We currently showcase a gallery of 60 actors that features introductory video clips, head shots, and the resume of every actor. It’s proven to be a great way to offer a diverse selection of actors to our clients and allow them to see (and hear) each actor to make selections. DDA’s casting services also extend beyond our gallery if need be. In fact, we are currently working to schedule over a dozen models for an upcoming photo shoot from both our network and an outside network.

For any and all photography, video, or audio needs, DDA offers the complete service package from start-to-finish.