New Year, New Opportunities

With 7 well established divisions, DDA is primed to take on 2010 with full force. We will continue to develop custom websites, programming, medical and healthcare IT applications, video production, graphic design, and more – and we will continue to find new technology and not just jump on the bandwagon, but start it. Last year we developed hundreds of custom corporate and medical marketing materials from medical eLearning to live webcasts and interactive simulations to logo design and development. This year, we continue pushing forward on some projects and are already looking forward to some great projects coming our way.

But we’ve never been a company that settles. We want to push the bar and create new forms of advertising that simply haven’t been done before, and also continue to evolve current forms of advertising into something new. For instance, we’ve been developing corporate and medical websites for years and have become experts in the field. But last year we created the DDA SmartSite with the new DDA Medical. This site is an evolved format of what has been used for years. It allows you to view video, text, and graphics – or if you prefer, only view text, only view video, or view any combination of them. You can customize the site to view it exactly how you want to view it. It’s a new take on an old classic, and part of the reason DDA remains an industry leading advertising agency.