On-Demand Video

This weekend I watched a movie through Comcast’s On-Demand. The ordering process is simple, you search through a menu of available movies (some of which are free and some that cost the same amount as renting a movie from Blockbuster) and through the power of magic, that video shows up on your TV. If there was a fee associated with the movie, it is added to your monthly bill. This process makes it extremely easy to watch the latest movies, albeit maybe a little too easy in the hopes that people spend more than they’d like, and you don’t even need to leave your living room. The days of walking into a store to rent a movie seem numbered, especially with popular services like Netflix. I have also heard that Netflix offers high definition videos that can be streamed through your computer, so you don’t even have to wait the day or two for shipping. As technology continues to grow and as the younger generation has grown with it, there’s no doubt in my mind that this instant access programming will soon be the future – and walking into a store to rent a video will be a story I can tell my grandkids as they give me funny looks.

DDA has always prided itself on staying ahead of the curve with technology. Our video production services are available in the latest HD formats to give you the best possible quality. Additionally, while DVDs or blu-ray discs are the current popular media devices, we offer online streaming or hosting of video so that anyone can access your video on-demand. And when Internet streaming and on-demand sources become the norm, we’ll be able to say that we’ve been experts in those fields before they became popular.