On-Location Video Shoots

While DDA has a complete in-house video production studio, there is also a demand for us to shoot on-location for various clients in the corporate and medical fields. We have equipment that is portable so that we can essentially bring the studio to you. However, one of the difficulties in on-location video shoots is the planning stage. Because we bring the video production to your location, it is often necessary to capture all footage within a day as the costs of travel can be expensive. It takes a well coordinated effort by both parties to ensure everything is recorded so that during the editing process we have the necessary footage.

Last Thursday we had the privilege of filming on-location with a very well prepared client. While some shooting took longer than expected and some delays happened, we were all well prepped to capture all the necessary footage. As an added bonus, the entire team was excited and motivated to create this video. As a result, we are extremely confident that we will be able to provide the client with exactly what they were looking for – a fun and engaging video to promote their business.