Today we continued work on an Onlivemation piece that combines still 3D models, video, photography, and illustration to create a unique new video. The video we are creating first involves examing and palpating cervical lymph nodes. The patient is a still image rendered from a high quality 3D model. The examiner is simply a set of hands that depict how the examination takes place. The hands were filmed in our video studio in front of our green screen. In production, the hands were animated and controlled to make it look like the hands are working with the 3D model, including some response movement mimicked in the 3D model based on the actions of the hands. For instance, when palpating the neck, the 3D model slightly moves in response to the palpations. Seeing it all come together has been great.

With a full video studio, 3D modeling and animation capabilities, digital photography, graphic designs and illustrators, and more – DDA can integrate all these services together to create one unique project that has never been seen before.