Onlivemation – it’s live video, animation (2D or 3D), graphics, illustration, web design, and even programming all rolled into one – and it’s only available at DDA. It sounds like a lot, and you may be thinking, how is this useful to me? Let me tell you. Onlivemation has the power to do things, and show things (particularly in the medical and healthcare IT world) that standard video cannot, it’s a more efficient process than creating elaborate 3D animations, and it can be integrated with any web environment to for truly unique user experience.

Currently, DDA Medical is involved with a series of Onlivemation projects involving patient examinations. For this, Onlivemation is perfect. If we need to show the internal workings of the human anatomy, we can’t very well stick an HD camcorder inside the human body. But we can seamlessly mess video, illustration, and life-like imagery to realistically depict the human body. And instead of taking time away from physicians to record live examinations or procedures, a hybrid of video, 3D models, and static imagery is being used to mimic a real examination from the physician’s perspective.

DDA is able to take a vast array of services, and not only offer them to clients, but offer unique strategies for integrating these technologies together and creating never before seen marketing initiatives – such as Onlivemation.