Open Communication

At DDA, we work with clients from corporate and medical fields and create custom projects including video production, website design, print design, programming, search engine marketing, and a whole lot more. Therefore, communication is key at DDA. Because we work on so many different projects for different clients, we need to be sure everyone can stay in the loop on matters. That’s why it’s not unusual to see emails from us with multiple people on the carbon copy list. One of the best ways for us to communicate and keep each other up to date is to simply copy each other on important email exchanges with a client, or forwarding the latest information given to us. When we do this, not only do we inform each other of the latest updates, but we also create backups for ourselves. In the event that one of us should have a problem with email, or even lose a message, we know that there are other people with the same email because they were either forwarded the information or kept on the copy list.