Outlines and Planning

With all the different writing projects we receive here at DDA, the planning process is of prime importance. Through planning and outlines, we create the basic framework for what will eventually be a script, website content, sales information, or whatever else may come our way. Certainly there are instances where outlines are not needed, such as instructional pieces where the material needs to work from start to finish, but in most cases it is beneficial to start from there.

With the first basic outline you can flush out all the thoughts behind the content and organize it in the best possible manner. At this point it can be decided what topics are more important than others, or which topics can be eliminated all together. A second revised outline will take the edited topics and begin the writing process. This will do one of two things: eliminate the excess copywriting that may be considered unimportant to the client and allow the copywriter to focus on singular topics. For the client, less time is taken as we only focus and write about what is important and necessary. For our team of writers, we can more efficiently work through that necessary content and we have a focused and clear direction to work.