Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The popularity of pay-per-click marketing is enormous. Everyday, website owners are purchasing keywords from popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! to quickly promote their website to the front pages of these search engines. Anytime a user clicks on these advertisements, the owner is charged the price they bid per keyword. Of course, the more money you bid, the better chance you have to make your ad the very first ad to be seen every time someone searches using that keyword. Recently, Google has launched a click-to-pay video ad service that allows the owner to post up to a 2-minute video to coincide with the text ad. The 2-minute video is similar to the movie previews you always see at the theater. This preview can show off your latest product or service in a unique way that hopes to translate viewers into visitors, and visitors into customers.

With the full, in-house capabilities at DDA’s disposal, we are proud to manage these multi-media pay-per-click advertisements. Whether you want a simple text ad or you want to take advantage of the new video ads, DDA can do it all. We have a staff of 5 degreed writers to come up with the right slogans or sales pitch for each text ad and an entire video production team that handles everything from pre-production to post-production. If you need something done, DDA can do it!