Piled Up

After having been out of the office for a few days due to illness, I am happy to see that most of my projects have continued with much success. There is quite a bit for me to catch up on, and I spent most of my morning following up on important projects with fast approaching deadlines, but the rest of the team here at DDA was great to carry on and keep moving forward. This week we have a very important deadline for a client to show off their comprehensive eLearning portal. While we have a ways to go to complete the final product, the client has a presentation this week where they are introducing the tool and want to begin showing everything that it will do, so we’re in the process of building a CD-ROM version of the online-based eLearning portal so that they’ll be able to do just that. Things are moving really fast today already and there’s a lot for me to do and follow through on, so I have to leave this short.