Pioneering Video

While YouTube is now known as the single source for any video you can imagine – from How To guides to putting electronic devices in a blender – it did something extraordinary for the Internet by making video important. Sure, video has always played a vital role since it’s creation, and some websites and companies had plenty of videos available online (see DDA) prior to, but never before was it so universally accepted and brought to great life than when YouTube hit the scene. Now that online videos and links to YouTube are virtually everywhere, many companies who didn’t jump on board right away are now doing so after seeing the great benefit and success of YouTube.

So now more than ever companies want to get in on the action. DDA has been doing video work since it’s inception and has become a pioneer in the field, particularly with the successful launch of DDA Video. From website spokesperson videos, to instructional videos, to product launch videos – DDA Video has the experience and complete in-house studio to get the job done. While we aren’t into dancing on treadmills, playing with Harry Potter puppets, or kids biting fingers, we do know how to promote your business, new product, or variety of services. Contact us today, or visit to see the gamut of video production services we provide.