Plan First, Create Later

The planning stage is vital to each and every project that comes through DDA – whether website design, content development, video production, or otherwise.

For instance, before we begin creating concept designs for websites or writing search engine optimized content, the first step is always planning and research. Prior to the website design we create a menu system and structure for the website. This alone is a big step to facilitating the process. With the menu structure we can envision every page that will be created for the website and receive feedback from the client. This allows us to make sure the website discusses each and every important aspect of your company so that when we begin concept designs and website buildout there is already a solid plan. Without the menu structure, the website will require constant changes as we add or delete or move menu items. With a plan in place, we already know where every menu item will go and can efficiently build the site.

Additionally, the menu is the basis for our copywriters to create a content plan. Based on the amount of pages required for the website, our writing staff will create a content plan to outline the specific pages and the focused keywords related to those pages for search engine optimization.