Prepping for the New Year

As the celebration begins to end 2008 (which wasn’t the best year for many), here at DDA we are starting to feel the rush of what’s to come in 2009. Many projects that we’ve been working through are getting pushed for the new year, and as everyone makes new years resolutions, so to are businesses ready to start new projects. So while most people and companies spend this time to wind down the year and celebrate, we have to get ourselves well organized and prepared for the next few weeks.

We also have a few projects related to DDA to expand our services and portfolio and continue building our own web presence. In our latest development, we’re attempting to build a single site that will allow anyone to see just how many services we provide and all the things we can build from corporate and medical website, to video production and animation, to eLearning platforms – and everything in between. Hopefully this new portfolio site will make it easy to showcase not just the best of what we offer, but also the expansive range of what we offer.