Problem Solving

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with problem solving and puzzles (except for connect-the-dots). On one hand, I’m really much too lazy to want to sit here and voluntarily rack my brain to figure out what a quote says, or line up numbers 1-9, or even figure out which color I’m supposed to paint #4. I guess I just don’t see the “fun” in thinking so hard – that’s why they make video games where you just mash buttons to get through it. But at the same time, I really do enjoy it. Getting over the mindless button mashing is good and keeps you sharp and it helps entertain your brain in different ways. And it’s a good thing I like the occasional puzzle, because working at DDA definitely has it’s share of requiring sharp wits.

Everyone on this staff works through problems and tries to solve them creatively and efficiently. But not only does it give us the satisfaction of finding the best solution, it also helps create more interesting designs, custom programming, or unique copywriting. Whereas most companies will go through the mind numbing process of using templates and filling out the correct information, DDA gives you a completely unique product that is customized to your exact needs. Instead of avoiding potentially problematic issues, we take them head on and do what we have to to solve the problem and make the best of it. Just look at one of the latest video projects for our corporate and medical training site. The video team needs to solve the problem of how to flawlessly merge an animated character with a live actor – and we have no doubt they will successfully pull it off. And you’ll see for yourself in a few weeks, trust me.