Production and Re-Production

If there is one thing for certain, it’s that projects have a tendency to change while we move along. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, and quite often can be good, but it all comes with the learning process. Often times as we start one project and begin to work out any issues we may anticipate along the way, something unexpected may come up. For instance, right now we are working on the creation of a virtual trade show that will allow people who were unable to attend to event to go to a website and see the virtual version. While this project is on target, we’ve come to an understanding that our initial plan for the navigation may not be the best. When we started our goal was to create a completely user intuitive tool where the user could spin the booth (walk around it) and view all the different aspects with a few simple mouse movements and clicks. Through testing by both us and the client, we have come to an agreement that our initial idea may not be the best. We have decided to add arrows that the user will have to mouse-over or click on to turn the booth because some people unfamiliar with the project weren’t certain what to do with it.

So obviously, this project has start evolving from what it started as. And in our opinion, it’s getting better and more refined. We have always had the understanding that there may be kinks along the way or ideas that won’t work when put in place, so we have also always had the understanding that there may need to be a change to how things work. The scope of the project remains the same and our goal to create an intuitive navigation still exist, but how we get there has changed slightly. It happens. But thanks to the talented staff at DDA, we can easily change gears or make changes effortlessly.