Project Coordination

At DDA, we pride ourselves on offering the complete range of interactive, corporate, and medical marketing services – all in-house. Although we have been integrating multiple forms of advertising, from websites to videos and custom programming to graphic design, the industry finally seems to be catching up and realizing that this is the way to go. I think more than ever before, we are seeing projects that don’t just ask for a website, but now ask for a complete eLearning portal with sophisticated testing and certification that combines video, animation, graphic design, programming, and so so much more. Or instead of just a video, it’s now an interactive cd-rom with video, web capabilities, tracking mechanisms, and more. This is all great news, because this is something that DDA has been pushing for years.

As such, the role of project coordinator is becoming much more important. Multiple projects are now bridging our programmers, graphic designers, video and animation department, search engine optimization specialists, and all the experts at DDA to build something that hasn’t been seen before. The role can be difficult as it requires the coordinator to know a little bit about a lot – I won’t pretend to know how to program a custom application, but I at least need to understand it so that I can inform the client and continue to push things forward. And at the same time, as we are building new things that haven’t been seen, we need the foresight to understand how it can all come together. All the writers at DDA take on some role as project coordinators, and we’re all coordinating projects ranging from search engine optimized websites to medical brochure designs, but then we also all have projects that combine all our services into one interactive piece – eLearning portals, live webcasts, etc. It’s an exciting role as we get to see everything develop and witness these things first hand, and I look forward to seeing the next big project come our way.