Proof, proof, proof!

As a writer, one thing we abide by here at DDA is proof, proof, proof – and the same applies to our programmers, graphic designers, video team, and everyone else. For the writers, we write a page of content and it gets proofed by another writer. The client gets to review it, proof it, and provide feedback. If the content is written for a website, someone will post it to the site and the writers will again proof it. Our priority is to make sure that everything finds its way to the final source with perfection. For things like websites, an error here or there can be fixed easily – but for things like print pieces, an error here or there after printing simply cannot happen.

But it doesn’t just stop with proofing content for spelling and grammar. We spend the time carefully proofing the functionality of websites, checking for broken links, and we try every combination and method to try and catch glitches or random errors before the final product is released. Certainly, these things can be difficult. Even a company like Microsoft releases hundreds of patches and upgrades a year to fix new things found during significant testing. Luckily for us here at DDA, we aren’t building something as major as computer operating systems, but you can be sure that each application, website, or page of content undergoes extensive testing and proofing to be sure everything is ok before launch.