Pushing Limits of Interactivity

DDA is truly a pioneer of creating interactive online-based technologies that are ahead of their time. Before many popular games and softwares came along, DDA was already developing those very things. In fact, DDA has a long list of firsts, which DDA introduced and pioneered way back when. For instance, in 1995 we created the first digital photography studio in the state on Pennsylvania. We followed that the following year with the first animation studio in the state as well. We were also developing search engine marketing plans before SEO and SEM became such common terms. We pushed the limits of video production. Developing virtual worlds and simulations. Creating hybrids of live actors with animations.

Today, DDA continues to strive to push the limits of what can be done. From virtual trade shows to SmartSite technologies (as seen at DDAMedical.com) there really is nothing we can’t do. And as our world continues to grow with technology, so too does DDA – only we’re doing things before you even thought about it and have already moved on to developing the next big thing.

For a small taste of DDA innovations and first – visit DDA Firsts. For more, see any of our massive online portfolios.