Putting Together the Pieces

At DDA, our largest focus is our clients. Thats why with no matter what project we do, we show you the work and get your approval on things every step of the way. If we create a custom video production for you, we make sure to let you review scripts, designs, rough video edits, and anything else along the way to make sure the product turns out exactly the way you want. We want our clients to know that they are just as important to the final piece as the people creating it. If you hire DDA for website design and development services, we’re not going to just make a website, put up some content, and call it a day. Instead, we make sure you’re happy with the website outline, copywriting, designs, usability, etc. While we like to take creative control of products and allow our designers or video department to be free with their work, we want to make sure your input is of prime importance – after all, you came to us.