Quality Assurance

Quality assurance can sometimes be a very tedious task – proofing content, links on a website, or the functionality of CDs or DVDs. But, as tedious as these tasks may be, it is of prime importance here at DDA. Whether its a new website design, video production, or seo copywriting, you can be sure it’s proofed and reproofed. When we send proofs or finished products to a client, we want to be sure there are no errors. Content is always proofed for spelling and grammar, links on a website are always checked for accuracy, and CDs and DVDs are tested on numerous computers with different specs and OS systems. So when you receive anything from DDA, you can be sure you receive quality products, even if we’re only showing you a proof.

Because we take so much pride in what we do, we want to make sure you always receive the best. If that means we need to spend time clicking every link on your website to make sure they follow the right path, then so be it. Because you’ve entrusted us to market your company or products, and the least we can do is make sure it’s done right.