Researching with the Internet

The Internet has always, and likely will always, be a controversial source for information. For instance, regardless of the accuracy and wealth of information found at sites like Wikipedia, people will always doubt the validity in online information. Many people still think of Wikipedia as that online encyclopedia that anyone can come on and make up anything about any subject – so it should never be used as reference. Well, that’s not entirely true. In fact, most Wikipedia articles have educational and respected resources and citations.

As a writer, and one who has experienced the need to search the Internet for information regarding a numerous source of topics, I’m here to tell you that online resources are extremely helpful and great to use. As talented as our staff is here, none of us are experts on everything. There is always a time where I need to find information on subjects I have no clue about – whether it’s medical-related terms or CNC machining or industrial coatings. Because DDA’s client list is constantly growing and diversifying, I find I have to learn a little about a lot, and the Internet is my first resource of choice to find out more. But with some research, the writers here are able to take in that information and turn it into smart, legible content for scripts, websites, brochures, or whatever you need.