Return to Production

After a little more than a week of vacation, I have returned to plenty of updates and new things going on at DDA. It’s taken much of my morning to go through old emails and updates from my colleagues to get a good sense of where all my projects are. However, it’s really good to know that we have a great staff to pick things up, regardless of where the project stands, so that our clients never feel at loss when a coordinator (or anyone else) is out. The team mindset allows us to continue any project – whether it be design, programming, or video production – so that we don’t have to slow down the process and we can be sure to send information to our clients in a timely manner.

It’s now the afternoon and I still have lots to catch up on and other things to take care of. I am going to end this entry short today because of how busy things are around here – which is actually a good thing.