Rid Your Website of the Flu

My vacation went a little longer than expected after some illness. But I am back at work and am hopeful (and very cautious) to not spread any remaining germs to my coworkers – but such is the life of public environments. As much as we would like to, these kinds of things can never really be stopped. I’ve been trying to look back to see when this cold began and pinpoint who gave it to me, but alas, I can’t seem to think of a single source of the people I know. So I’m just led to believe that I picked something up at a grocery store or some other public place. It just seems like one of those unavoidable things – unless you want to live in a bubble.

A flu or cold is somewhat comparable to some nasty marketing “techniques” on the Internet – I’m talking about things like spam, keyword stuffing, and more. Regardless of how careful you are with your email address, somehow we all manage to get spam and junk emails ranging in topics. Apparently spam emails still serve a purpose because people still take part in sending them, but I personally don’t know of anyone who even bothers to read them, let alone buy the product they are trying to advertise. It may have worked a few years ago, but now it’s just a nuisance – like that pesky cold you get. There are also those “black hat” search engine optimization companies who will guarantee traffic to your website and a higher rank in search engines. Sure, these techniques “work” for the first month or two, but eventually search engines pick up on what’s going on and it’s very likely your site will be seen as spam and blocked from the results. It also doesn’t make for a nice site that people actually want to visit and read, so the visitors you do get likely don’t stick around for very long.

At DDA, we have proven results with genuine techniques that abide by search engine rules. Our website designers and artists build unique sites that put any template-driven site to shame and make for an engaging user experience. Our professional and degreed writers can help create content that is not only successful for search engines but also makes for a great read for visitors. And our search engine optimization experts use the right and proper techniques to achieve real rankings in the major search engines and continue those rankings with long-term success. DDA is the medicine to your websites flu-like systems.