Script Editing/Writing

The difference between script editing and writing can, at times, be astronomical. Script editing can be rather simple, where we take information that the client has presented and edit it so that it includes more effective marketing messages. As always, it can take a little more time to change sentence structures, making more impact with informational points, and so forth. But, the greatest benefit to this is that the client is already providing the correct information about their product or service.

Script writing, on the other hand, can be a bit tricky at times. For instance, when we are writing scripts about brand new products or services that have not been introduced before, it can be difficult to write specific information because we are unfamiliar with it. Through a combination of interviews, questioning, and reviews by the client, we have the ability to write full original scripts. The trade of is, of course, that this process will take longer and requires more input from the client during the process.

DDA has a staff of degreed full-time writers that are able to write or edit scripts for an assortment of products. Whatever you need, DDA can handle it.