Script Writing

Script writing is much different than the search engine optimization copywriting that is done so often here at DDA. With script writing, you are required to write content that is not only easy to read and understand, but that also engages the viewer. In Hollywood, bad scripts lead to bad movies 99.99% of the time. At DDA, we feel the same way. With full in-house video production capabilities, DDA is ready to take on absolutely any video services from pre-production to post-production, including Hollywood-like special effects. Of course, what good are those special effects if the script can’t successfully engage and capture the viewer? (I’m talking to you Michael Bay!)
With a staff of 5-degreed writers, DDA has the unique ability to work in-house on script writing or editing for your video. Our writers have diverse backgrounds that allow us to successfully pinpoint branding or marketing styles that fit comfortable with your company. Just leave it to us to create the latest cutting-edge videos from start to finish.