This weekend I had a chance to see the latest Harry Potter movie – and I certainly did not envy the scriptwriting job someone had. With something as big as the Harry Potter franchise, and a daunting task of turning a 600+ page book into a 120 page script, it’s probably one of the most difficult and perhaps daunting tasks. The end result was a movie that tried to fit too much into 2 1/2 hours time, resulted in a story that made little sense to people who didn’t read the book, failed to touch on so many important moments, and “Hollywood-ized” the story. Luckily for them, the final movie of the series is being split into two, so they’ll have some extra time to go over some of the important facts they missed with this movie. I cannot really blame them too much as this story was a lot of background information that leads into the next book/film – but if Empire Strikes Back can be good, why can’t this?

Here at DDA, our team of scriptwriters face some similar daunting tasks. When clients come to us with their corporate presentation videos, website spokesperson videos, and product launch videos, we’re given anywhere from about 2-10 minutes to explain everything there is to know about their company or product. We are essentially taking that huge 650+ page book and trying to turn it into the 120 page script. All the information you want to present, the sales materials, the right messages, and more needs to fit into a short video that keeps the audiences attention and successfully promotes your company. But with DDA, this isn’t something we just do well, it’s something we’ve been doing well for over a decade. Targeting your audience and serving the right messages is exactly what our scriptwriting team specializes in. So when you need a video that promotes your products or services, you can rest easy knowing that DDA will create an engaging script that leaves audiences with a strong impact.