SEO Copywriting

As one of five writers here at DDA, one of the responsibilities I share is writing highly optimized content for clients who make use of our search engine optimization capabilities. In laymen terms, search engine optimization will help a website be seen by search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. When done correctly, a user searching for keywords related to your website will find you within the top search queries of whatever search engine they use.

One of the most effective search engine marketing techniques is writing a substantial amount of keyword-rich content that relates to your site. The content needs to be intriguing for any visitors to the website and use the proper combination of keywords for search engines. Even more important, the content needs to be original. While this is a multi-step process content development plays a vital role.

To see the importance of search engine marketing, try searching for your website in Google using one of your keywords. If your website is not found within the first two pages – no one will find your website! If this is the case, proper search engine marketing is needed.