Social Networking

Social Networking and Web 2.0 applications have opened the door for advertisers looking for unique ways to reach target audiences – not to mention that so many different platforms already exist for you to start advertising on, namely Facebook and MySpace. These platforms already allow users to upload photos and videos, but also allow for applications, advertisements, and more. As a business, you can find users that are interested in the products you offer and target them either through simple friend searches or groups. Of course, there is always the heavy potential for viral marketing in which an application you make trickles from friend to friend as they all share it. We’ve all seen these before in the forms of surveys that ask things like “What kind of rock star are you?” or “Test your Personality” where you answer some simple questions and the results tell you these answers. Well, friends post these on their social networking pages and others see them and do the same and suddenly they’re everywhere. And while your likely not in the business of creating surveys, you can still create an application that friends will share and advertise for you.

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