Social Networking Widgets and Applications

Today I got to see an exclusive glimpse at a Facebook application DDA is working on based on the new social networking site, The premise of this new social networking site is simple, users join to bet on the outcomes of other people’s lives. The more you bet and win, the more you have a chance at earning points to exchange for rewards. The  Facebook application optimizes this social media site into an application friendly page that Facebook users can add to their profile. They can install the app and then create a bet of their own that friends can bet on. In turn, their friends can create their own bets. The goal is to create a simple viral campaign in which a few users introduce the application to their friends, and then their friends to their friends, and so forth.  The expansive reach of social networking sites is nearly unlimited, and DDA is capitalizing on it through the development of custom apps and widgets to promote your business.

Social media marketing is a fairly new idea that is just starting to become very popular, but one that DDA has been developing for a few years. When friends share information with other friends, they are encouraged to visit the original website where you can successfully sell your products or services. After all, if they’ve taken the time to install your widget on the social networking profile, then they are target traffic that is genuinely interested in what you can provide. DDA recognizes this inherent ability for social networking sites to share information and is able to build fully customized applications and widgets for users to share.