Standardized Advertising

The other day, I noticed an email sent to one of our DDA emails that struck me as a bit odd. The email said this person was “looking into advertising” and wanted to know the costs that would incur with that. I couldn’t help but think to myself, what is just advertising? Is there some standardized package that companies sell as “advertising”? Of course, this person is looking for some way of advertising their business or product, but he/she seems to be under the assumption that there is an all-inclusive advertising package. There’s not, and if any company tells you otherwise, they are lying.

In the 15 years or so that DDA has been in business, we’ve done everything from print design to video production to complex eLearning portals and virtual medical simulations. While I have not been with DDA that long, I do know one thing, advertising is not some standard that can applied to any marketing needs. A brochure may not be your best option. A website may not do the job you want. Video may not be the right route for you. DDA prides itself on building fully custom marketing and advertising pieces that cater directly to your business, product, or service. A big part of our job is to analyze your needs and figure out the best way to promote you – whether that be through complex communications tools or just timely direct mail pieces and trade show ads. We want to make sure you are presented in the best, most effective way possible. So we won’t sell you any “package,” we’ll just provide the necessary marketing needs to return the results you need.